PBS delivers a robust Practice Management system that can accomodate any practice size and any specialty. 
The feature-rich system streamlines the Revenue Cycle and puts your financial data at your fingertips.


Complete account activity including charges, payments and contractual adjustments

Automatically defaults to the correct provider, facility, plan and fee schedule by patient 
Handles an unlimited number of insurance plans per patient 
Automatic billing of secondary insurance plan by user defined criteria 
Supports multiple fee schedules 
Prints patient statements on standard business forms or user-defined business forms 
Prints HCFA 1500 and UB92 forms
Contains over 100 AR reports with multiple search and sort criteria 
Tightly integrates with Scheduling moduleoncurrent data entry and reporting by multiple users


Posts unlimited number of payments to specific procedures or visits 
Provides for user defined adjustments and contractual write-offs 
Tracks transfers and re-bills in detail 
Automatically calculates finance and re-bill charges 
Prints Time of Service receipt on demand 
Prints bank deposit statements and summaries by date 
Allows for automatic distribution of payment across multiple procedures or patients 
Includes the ability to post payments for each specific service provided 
Calculates co-payments, deductibles and coinsurance 
Flags specific accounts for special handling 
Allows multiple payers per patient (split billing) 
Includes notes field for reimbursement comments 
Supports various billing bases (visit, hourly, per diem, discount and capitated) 
Links scanned images of EOBs to payments 


Includes views by day, week, month, appointment list 
Option of Single and Multi-resource views 
Features “quick” temporary new patient registration for copy into master patient file 
Existing appointments can easily be “cut, copy and paste” 
Contains physician, patient, facility, plan, location selection parameters 
Includes date, range, day and hour parameters 
Fully integrates with managed care module and billing module
Maintains schedule lists by provider, location and plan 
Includes configurable, color-coded appointment slots 
Supports searches with custom time schedules and restricted time slots 
Manages equipment and treatment room schedules 
Includes recall reminders 
Supports multiple bookings 
Time lots/intervals can be defined individually for providers, locations 
Checks for conflicts for multiple resources 
Reschedules or confirms new appointments 
Reschedules/cancels/deletes by patient or provider 
Tracks cancellations and generate reports